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Spring Tree Care

It is easy, as a tree owner to be content in the thoughts that established trees may seem self-sufficient, but tree surgeons will all agree that healthy trees don’t just happen, especially in the urban landscape. Trees can be low-maintenance and as people interested in trees we would never discourage others to grow their own passion for trees, no matter how little you know or find yourself physically capable of doing for a tree. But we also want tree owners to be aware that their trees are not and cannot be no-maintenance pieces in their garden. Tending to seasonal chores helps keep trees healthy and protects your landscape investment, it can even protect the lives of people by getting to know a tree and what it needs.

There are a lot of ways that a tree owner can get trees off to a growing start and here we would like to share a few of our own spring tree care tips.

1. Clean Up

Kick off the new growing season with a quick spring cleaning for trees. This means that a little like we might have a haircut, manicure or facial our trees might want a little tlc after a long winter. Trees can often suffer with winter damage and will need dead wood removed, or might want a new bed of mulch or some general pruning work in preparation for the non dormant seasons.

  • There are also other spring cleaning tasks in the garden that as a homeowner can be completed without the support of a professional service. These services can be supported by our professional team should an individual not feel confident to do these tasks alone. These can include tasks such as removing any remaining decorative holiday lights. It should be the recommendation of a professional tree care company not to allow lights to stay wrapped around tree trunks or branches. If you forget about them, you risk girdling growth and potentially even killing a tree.
  • Although not all areas of the UK suffer with regular serious cold we know that winter temperature can play havoc and as we would recommend in the winter using protective winter wraps for a tree when and where needed it is also important when temperatures warm to remove any protective winter wraps you placed around trunks in preparation for the rest of the year. This is again a spring tree care task that tree owners can perform without the assistance of a professional.
  • Als Tree Surgery do offer a professional garden spring cleaning services that can help support not just individual trees but a whole garden space and will provide those tasks that will help to protect trees and plants from pests and disease. Supporting the health of your trees can be completed from the most basic to the more extensive tasks and will include simple garden jobs like raking and gather debris that collected beneath trees over winter, such as small twigs, leaves or fallen fruits to offering spray treatments or removing areas of dead growth. This is especially important with trees susceptible to fungal diseases, which can over the winter period can start to form on fallen debris.

2. Mulch

Mulch glorious mulch. What can we tell you about this wonderful, simple product? well firstly and importantly to remember a layer of mulch helps soil retain moisture and suppresses weeds. It’s most crucial when caring for younger trees, which believe it or not are considered by a tree surgeon to be the ones that have been in the ground up to 10 years, to ensure that moisture is maintained in the right way throughout the year. There is of course no rule of thumb when it comes to mulch and the purpose of mulch goes beyond the key point of protecting moisture levels. therefore it’s OK to mulch older trees, too. The aesthetic quality of wood chips used for borders and beds can be positive for any garden area. It is a great way to accentuate beds and really helps to build focus in a garden. Wood chips or mulch is a very popular year round product that can help gardens in many ways through the seasons.

  • Our big tip for all those interested in using wood chip or mulch is to aim for a 3-inch-thick layer around trees but the key point is to remember not to put this up against the trunk. Mulch piled against the trunk holds moisture and heat, which helps give diseases such as canker an easy point of access. Whilst we want to protect roots and retain moisture it is important to remember that there is a wrong way to do things like laying mulch. As well as providing wood chip to order as a professional tree care company we can offer a wood chip laying service to our clients

3. Water

It is important to keep a garden well watered. Tree owners should always remember to wait until soil thaws to tackle watering chores and keep in mind that if you water while the soil is still frozen, you’ll just create runoff. It is equally important to remember that even though the weather can be cool during the spring months and we often expect that there will be some and some times a lot of wet weather, monitoring this and ensuring that trees don't dry out can be a crucial part of spring tree care. Tree owners need to be aware that they may have to water several times if the weather warms or if a garden has sandy soil. Getting to know your trees and how thirsty they might be can be a great way to be involved in the care of a tree

  • Tree owners can request a professional service or may find it easier to independently check sprinkler systems, inspecting emitters and lines for leaks or clogs. Look for puddling around trees and making adjustments sprinkler heads accordingly and ensuring that hose watering or Sprinklers don't spray water onto foliage of trees susceptible to fungal diseases. For example dogwood, for instance, has continually wet leaves, it’s more likely to develop anthracnose or powdery mildew.

4. Prune

The ideal time to prune most trees is during winter dormancy. But it is good for tree owners to get to know their trees and advice can always be sought from a professional tree surgeon. In some cases even if you have missed the winter period many trees will show much resilience to spring time pruning and in some cases there will be species of trees that offer a lot of flexibility through out the year. It is good to know that spring time tree pruning and even summer tree pruning is not actually harmful and is an option for those who prefer to complete these works during the nicer weather. It will commonly be the recommendation of a tree surgeon to complete tree pruning tasks such as removing any dead, damaged or broken branches in spring. If you’re unsure whether a branch is dead, wait until the tree leafs out. Dead branches are easy to spot once leaves unfurl and as quite often this can be a minimal form of tree care it is often a good way to maintain the health of a tree, the aesthetics of a tree and as a professional tree care service this can be a very competitively priced task that will help both tree and garden.

5. Inspect

As a tree owner it is good to know about how and when to inspect your trees and what to look for when doing this. In many cases this is a job that can be completed by your arborist or tree surgeon. However a good tip for if your planning to arrange a free quotation service and inspection of your trees is to aim to do this before leaves appear, This can help both you as the tree owner and the tree surgeon inspecting the tree to clearly see core areas of the tree. This can be a good time to inspect tree trunks and branches, looking for signs of disease or damage. It is important to know what to look for when identifying potential health hazards for your trees and in the case of an emergency ensure the safety of your property and any people who might be effected by a tree hazard. Familiarising yourself with signs of concerns will aid a tree care professional and a tree owner in evaluating the urgency of any works required and can help to ensure the health and safety of a whole property and neighbouring properties in built up urban areas as well as more rural locations.

  • A tree owner can inspect his or her own garden area to look for any damage near the base of trunks caused by pests. If damage is present, it is possible to erect a fine-mesh screen to prevent further damage, and monitor the tree’s health over time. A tree surgeon can evaluate damage to offer further advice and recommendations on matters like these.
  • Most importantly when we are thinking about inspecting our trees it is always best to contact a professional If you do spot something that makes you feel uncertain about the safety of a tree, contact a certified arborist to receive expert tree care advice. At Als Tree Surgery we offer a free and no obligation quotation service that allows our clients to discuss concerns with a qualified tree surgeon in order to ensure that the best possible feedback and advice can be offered.

6. Pests & Diseases

Whilst a tree surgeon is able to offer much advice and recommendation when it comes to pest control and tree health it is sometimes a good idea to check with a professional pest control company what can be down to eliminate certain pests. However a licensed arborist can often offer direct assistance with common pest problems that relate to tree damage and tree owners are welcome to query with our team how we might be able to help and can support learning with regards to which pests and diseases pose the most serious threat to your trees and most importantly how and if this can be treated. New problems develop yearly, and older foes are often defeated but tree owners should always keep an eye out for pests and the escalation of damage they can do to our gardens. As a tree owner this can sometimes mean being ruthless and as the warmer weather appears in the spring months it is time to get ready to fight back. This can mean using spray treatments, preparing to remove whole sections of a tree and sometimes a whole specimen in order to ensure the removal or reduction of a pest threat in the garden. As a professional tree care company we aim to offer the best advice we can to each individual concern and pest issue.

7. Spring time Planting

It is mainly the recommendation of tree surgeons to consider any planting during the winter season or in early spring. At Als Tree Surgery we quite like the early spring months for planting. The cool but not to cold weather tends to help support life and allows a tree owner to be more actively involved with caring for a newly planted tree or hedge. Individual specimen might need different things and dependent on the size and age a tree surgeon can offer more support as to how they might be able to help with the planting process and what a tree owner might need to do to maintain and monitor the health of any new additions to their garden space.

Just like we might complete some spring cleaning inside our houses, spring is a wonderful time to clear out the old and dead from our gardens and introduce new plants and trees to our landscape. It is very important to remember that spring is our design and preparation months and it would never be recommended by a professional tree care service to consider planting during the summer.

For more information on how we can assist your spring time garden why not call us or send us an enquiry for more assistance