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Emergency Tree Removal

Trees of all different shapes,sizes and ages can fall victim to disease and decay. Unfortunately the symptoms can go unnoticed for too long, causing devistating effects to it's surroundings. Sadly if trees do go untreated it can be your garden, your house, your car, or even yourself who can suffer the consequences of a dangerous tree.

It is important to make sure that you regularly have your trees inspected and maintained by a qualified tree surgeon. This can ensure a long and prosporus life for your trees and could save a tree from being totally removed, when it does not need to be. It could also save you; from what could amount to thousands of pounds worth of damage, to your property or your belongings. Do not underestimate the brutal force of even a decaying or dead tree. Treat your trees with respect, and care for them; so that they can help care for you, your family and the environment.

In the unfortunate circumstances of a tree falling, do not attempt to secure it yourself. Always contact a tree surgeon to assess the damage and remove the tree or the parts of the tree that need to be taken away to make your property safe again.

At Al's Tree Surgery, we include emergency call out as one of our services. This means that we will come out at any time of the day, or night to support you with any serious tree incidents. If you choose not to use our services always ensure that you have a fully qualified tree surgeon assist you with this type of work. In the event of using a unqualified person you may find yourself needing to cover the costs of more damages caused after the initial incident and then may also still need a tree surgeon to complete the work, again doubling your expenditure.