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26 Mar 2015 Garden Maintenance work completed

Garden maintenance work consists of a number of tasks. As well as removing green waste we have needed to clear other waste products such as old fencing, rubble and discarded outdoor utensils and more. It is wonderful to see a garden transform from a messy unused area to a place where time can be spent and enjoyed.

Gardens where escalating amounts of rubbish has been dumped can cause pest problems and can visually cause a lot of unhappiness. Garden Clearance work allows a space to be transformed through the removal of waste and the clearance of weeds, unwanted shrubs and trees.

When a garden has been unmaintained for even a short period of time it can become difficult to work through the build up of waste that can accumulate in a garden space. Often this can be waste left by passers by or previous owners that need to be removed before it will be possible to redesign and re-use a space in the garden.

Sometimes having many garden tasks can seem overwhelming and make it difficult to complete alone. A professional garden clearance service can help to see results a lot faster and make it easier to plan how to make use of a garden once overgrown areas have been made clear and rubbish removed making unused space accessible again.


The reward for both property owners and our team can be seen once a garden starts to take real shape. These are exciting times and within two days a transformation can be completed and successfully make a space ready for action.