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Tree Surgeons Dartford are a professional tree surgery company offering tree services to Dartford and the surrounding areas. We offer free quotes and advice on any tree work projects that you might have there is many needs for a tree surgeon to perform tree surgery on a tree it could be that you need a tree removed because either causing damage to your property or the tree has become dangerous by defects such as weak fork in crouch of tree or deiseased or decayed tree roots or main trunk of tree can also be defective from decay caused by fungaii attached to tree if more than 30% of main trunk is rottern it wiil have to be taken down in most cases. We are fully insured tree surgeons in Dartford with fully qualified tree surgeons able to take any kind of operation on your tree in need our company has over 14 years experiance in the industry and have learned many techniques on cutting your tree in a safe and efficient manner that will leave you pleased that you have chosen the tree doctor Dartford to help you complete your tree work.

We deal with local authorities in processing your application to Dartford council allowing you to be confident in a correct procedure this will need to be done if you tree has a t.p.o on it or if your tree/trees are within a conservation area this is an important part of any tree project to find out if any of the explained are in force as there are big fines if you do not get correct permission for the tree work operation.

Below are our services that we offer to our clients.

  • Tree Pruning Dartford
  • Tree Felling Dartford
  • Tree Removal Dartford
  • Tree Care Dartford
  • Tree Work Dartford
  • Tree Stump Removal Dartford
  • Tree Planting Dartford
  • Tree Service Dartford
  • Tree Clearance Dartford
  • Tree Reports Dartford
  • Tree Bracing Dartford
  • Tree Stump Grinding Dartford
  • Tree Thinning Dartford
  • Tree Reduction Dartford
  • Tree Deadwood Removal Dartford
  • Tree Crown Lifting Dartford
  • Tree Crown Thinning Dartford
  • Tree Balancing Dartford
  • Emergency Tree Service Dartford
  • Emergency Tree Removal Dartford
  • Split Logs Dartford
  • Firewood Dartford
  • Logs For Sale Dartford
  • Seasoned Logs Dartford
  • Tree Maintenance Dartford
  • Hedge Trimming Dartford
  • Wood Chips Dartford
  • Tree Cutting Dartford
  • Tree Surgery Dartford
  • Fencing Dartford
  • Garden Clearance Dartford
  • Garden Maintenance Dartford
  • Tree Report Dartford