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Storm damaged and Dangerous Trees

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Many trees are damaged throughout the year by windstorms, extremely cold weather, ice, snow accumalation, lightning, other mechanical sources such as vehicles, and vandalism. The type of damage usually consists of broken branches. However, more severe damage such as the splitting or pulling apart of branch forks, removal of large areas of bark, twisting and splitting of the trunk or even uprooting may occur. These injuries to your tree can result in a change of appearance of the tree, and will increase it''s susceptibility to a subsequent insect or disease attack. It is important that any damage to a tree is properly checked, treated and repaired to maintain the health of the tree. As with other aspects of Tree Care, it is advisable that damaged and dangerous trees are treated by the services of a tree specialist, particularly with regard to this type of work and the possible need for extensive bracing, cabling or removal of large branches being required. More often damage is relatively minor with only the smallest branches of the tree being injured. However, tree owners should be aware that both small amounts and large amounts of damage can result in further disease and deterisation of the tree at a later date. If trees are cared for after this type of damage correctly, there is a much more increased chance that the tree can continue to live a healthy life and mature without risk. The tree could require a general clean up and removal of broken branches and twigs, and possibly further light pruning to restore it''s shape. At Al''s Tree Surgery we offer this type of minor tree care services at competative prices, whilst still offering a professional and efficient service. Rapid growing trees are particularly susceptible to storm damage and can have quite brittle and easily broken structures these can include Conifer trees and lombardy poplars. Home owners should be aware of the characteristics of these types of trees and if possible avoid planting them close to buildings or utility lines. Alternatively, it would be advisable to have these types of trees regularly cared for in a way that will ensure that maximum protection is available against weathers that cause damage. If you believe that you have a high risk tree close to your property, always ask the advice o a tree specialist. At Al''s Tree Surgery we offer free, no obligation advise and quotes to our clients, ensuring that they always feel fully informed and able to deal with a variety of situations that affect their tree. More Severe damages consisting of large broken branches, split tree forks and the removal of bark and splitting or splintering of the trunk of a tree, can unfortunately be some of the worst damages occuring to your tree; from weather related circumstances or other situatons. It would be advisable to contact a tree specialist to inspect and do work on the tree as soon as possible, should your tree suffer any of these particular damages. At Al''s Tree Surgery we offer an emergency call out service that will allow tree owners the peace of mind that is needed in circumstances where they could be dealing with an extremely dangerous tree. If you have a tree that has suffered any of these damages, we would recommend that you and your family stay as far away from the damaged tree as possible, until a tree specialist has been able to ensure and verify the safety of it.

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