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Wood pellets

Al's Tree Surgery have expanded into the provision of wood pellets in to the London and Essex area and surrounding counties in order to offer a local supply of pellets to a range of clients. Whether it is a large scale wood pellet facility such as a hospital or school that has a larger daily consumption rate, or a smaller scale requirement such as an individual house or apartment, our aim is to offer a service that is both competitive and adaptable within individual ranges of requirements.

On reflecting on the market already we have discovered that most competitor companies supplying wood pellets in the South of England still rely on offshore pellet factories and wood supply. Our hope is to offer a service that is more sustainable by sourcing our wood locally and producing our stock; not within Europe but within the South of England itself. We realise that in offering a local service we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of our supply and services by reducing the mileage travelled in sourcing and producing our wood pellets. We also therefore aim to offer more competitive rates to all of our clients in line with any savings made by not importing our product.

We do not wish to reduce the quality of our wood pellets and aim to offer a selection of ranges that will work well from providing suitable animal bedding to the highest quality ranges of premium wood pellets. We are aware that the European Pellet Standards exist to protect the end user from low grade and unsuitable pellets and will work with clients to evaluate both budget and needs when providing this service. From our individual clients to Industrial, commercial and public sector clients our hope is to offer a environmentally friendlier alternative to traditional fossil fuels that will not neglect quality or consistency.

For any questions or queries on our London & Essex supply of wood pellets please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to assist in any way that we can.

We also supply wood pellets to Kent, Surrey and Hertfordshire at prices that will suite all budgets.